When we were starting with our adventure, we haven’t realized that this will generate such an interest among our friends and the community at large. We are lucky to be working on a such an interesting concept and to have so many supporters and collaborators. Frankly, initially, we didn’t believe that such a project will be so interesting to so many people, not just a few geeks. We are thankful to so many people for their generous support and help.

However, such a serious project can not sustain without several ‘engines’ behind it. So this is the core team, the main guys behind the project:

Viktor Nastev; MBA, B.Sc Electronic and Telecommunications

Viktor has 20 years of experience in product management, project management and strategy. He has experience in a big mobile operator, but also in a technology start-up in Dubai. He holds an MBA degree from London Business School specializing in Strategy and Entrepreneurship.


Kosta Karpuzovski; M.Sc in Embedded Microcontroller Systems

Kosta has twenty years engineering, design, processing, and development experience in embedded systems. His knowledge and skill areas include: software and hardware architecture design and embedded systems design, Extensive B2B sales experience in technology domains, strategic planning, business development, project management, risk assessment and mitigation.

Sasho Cvetkovski, Mechanical Engineer

Sasho is responsible for the mechanical design of our product. He has more than 20 years of experience in the area of mechanical engineering and is experienced designer of many solutions. He has experience as a mechanical manager in a large chemical company, and in an electricity production company.


Dejan Gjorgjevikj; Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering; 

Dejan has participated in over ten international and domestic scientific research projects. He has published over 90 scientific papers in international conferences and journals. His research focus areas are: pattern recognition, machine learning and software engineering.